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Laurence Ford

Customer Experience – Senior Coordinator (Jules Verne)

Trade & Retail Sales Support

Length of service
8 years


About Laurence

Company: Jules Verne

Responsible for:          

  • Supporting the sales team on any pre-tour issues & complaints
  • Communicating with customers about any changes affecting their tour prior to their departure
  • Handling all customer correspondence post-tour and aiming to resolve any issues to the customers complete satisfaction
  • Assisting in the event of an emergency/crisis overseas to ensure the needs of the customer were met

Systems: Tiger Bay, Travel Studio

A little bit more about Laurence…

A keen interest in Jules Verne’s product offering meaning a good worldwide destination knowledge with particular focus on Europe & Asia

Many years’ experience in the customer service sector

Excellent legal knowledge and an expert in dispute resolution

A great team player – always willing to support colleagues

Laurence’s most memorable travel moment: ‘My favourite travel moment was being at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and being almost at the southernmost point of the African continent. I am very interested in the Antarctica region and Bouvetoya Island in particular and it was great to look out towards the Southern Ocean and to be in one of the closest inhabited points to the island despite it being 1500 miles away. A stellar experience!”


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