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Sean G

Sean Gustafsson

Personal Travel Expert (Jules Verne)


Length of service
10 months


About Sean

Company: Jules Verne

Responsible for:

  • Ensuring the customer journey is as seamless and memorable as possible
  • Providing personal contact to customers with an aim to inspire and suggest holidays to fit their requirements
  • Maximising all sales opportunities & providing the best and most comprehensive service possible ensuring all KPI’s are met
  • Dealing with customer enquiries including face-to-face & telephone

Systems: Tiger Bay, SmartPoint, Amadeus

A little bit more about Sean…

Expert in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Russia, North America, The Bahamas and many more European cities. 

A conscientious worker who is goal focused

A great team player with exceptional organisational & customer service skills

Sean’s most memorable travel moment. “Without a shadow of a doubt, I must say India. From the hustle and bustle on the streets to complete silence overlooking the temples and monuments. A sunset which turns Taj Mahal to a shimmering golden beauty. A genuine kind-hearted people that want to show you what their country has to offer together with a cuisine that packs loads of delicious spices. Never have I ever been eating, seeing and photographing so much great things before I visited India”.

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